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The Company

Smag Retail Pvt. Ltd., ever since its inception in the year 1995, has been amongst the top Domestic and Exports house in the country. Over the 20 years of existence, the company has continually strived towards meeting the market trends and creating new ones in the ready-made garments’ industry at every step. Our sole focus has always been to produce the highest quality with all the processes, with the clients’ requirements and ideas being placed at the center of each project.

With years of experience on our side, we strive to cater to the requirements of the clients with each step. It is due to this primary aim of achieving complete satisfaction at every juncture that today we cater to a majority of leading textile and garment brands in India and abroad.

Innovation and Reinvention are the 2 main pillars of our success over the years. Using advanced technologies of the time, the company has made sure that it is always ahead of the curve when it comes to efficiency and creativity in production and delivery. Taking this tradition forward, Smag Retail now operates from a state of the art manufacturing setup, which features cutting edge technologies. In this vertically integrated manufacturing unit, the company produces the complete range of garments for both men and women of all ages. Another important factor behind the global success of the company is the utmost care put into each step of the manufacturing process, right from fabric selection to garment preparation.

Today, thanks to the efforts of the team and the core values that have held the company together since its inception, we are amongst the most active and progressive globalized textile and apparel manufacturers in the world. Smag Retail has numerous stand alone stores in Punjab, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir and Rajasthan under the brand name “Smag”. Conscious efforts have been made to ensure that the Smag outlets provide an unparalleled shopping experience to the customers with their stylish designing, spacious structures and top notch customer service representatives. The complete line of apparel on display in the Smag stores is focused on the fashion conscious generation of today. The company presents the perfect combination of international designs, exceptional comfort and unbeatable prices, with the aim of bridging the gap between the exquisite styles and prices that burn a hole into the pockets of the customers.